AMS provides full logistics and support services for continued air-worthiness

Aircraft Buy / Sell / Lease

AMS is always interested in purchasing aircrafts along with selling and leasing various aircraft from our inventory.

Aircraft, Engine & Component Sales

AMS has a large inventory of engines and various components available for sale or exchange to meet your needs.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

We provide our expertise to help you locate, inspect, assess, and obtain a quality aircraft for your business.

Aircraft Asset Management

AMS has a global network to help you properly manage your aircraft assets.

Aircraft & Component Maintenance Management

We have strategic partnerships with repair stations to provide repair of various components along with avionics upgrades and full aircraft refurbishments.

Component & Engine Leasing

AMS also provides component/engine leasing services to avoid aircraft downtime and lossed revenues.

Aircraft & Engine Appraisal

We are able to help inspect and assess aircraft and engines to calculate a fair market price and any restoration cost.